The COVID-19 pandemic has been crippling to our country. All across the United States, we are seeing a growing number of people being affected by the coronavirus. Healthcare workers are the frontline against this disease, and many currently face a severe lack of the most important protections. One of these protections, face shields, are especially vital to nurses and doctors because by working in conjunction with masks, they protect against airborne fluids and droplets. 

The current situation has motivated the two of us - Aaditya Pore, a student at CU Boulder and Ethan Jagoda, a student at UC Berkeley- to found FreePPEKC to manufacture 3D-printed face shields for local healthcare workers. All of the money that we fundraise through this campaign will be used to buy PETG filament to supply 3D printers. Additionally, the shields will be removable, replaceable, and cleanable.